Weekly Service Leaflet – 10th January 2021 – The First Sunday of Epiphany

Weekly Service Leaflet – 10th January 2021 – The First Sunday of Epiphany
8th January 2021 Joanna Turner
Dear Friends
What strange times we live in!!  When the weather seems not to be sure whether it is spring or winter, when people in America, the country which prides itself on its democratic government, sees rioting at the heart of its government seemingly incited by the President himself and when loving people means keeping away from them.
And yet, as the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible tells us, there is nothing new under the sun.
When Jesus died on the cross, the weather was anyhow – the sky went dark and people were very afraid.
When the people of Israel expected a mighty warrior to save them, their hero died a criminal’s death on the cross.
When Jesus was put on trial, it was the Priests and leaders of the religious organization, so-called people of God, who incited the crowd to call for the release of a criminal rather than their Messiah.
And Jesus, who preached the love of God, had to take himself away from the crowds to find the strength and support for his Ministry.
We are moving slowly but surely towards our commemoration of these events.  If the times we live in seem strange and dark, perhaps we need to remember the brightness of the Resurrection morning.
God keep you all safe and bless you

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