Weekly Service Leaflet – 6th January 2021 – Epiphany

Weekly Service Leaflet – 6th January 2021 – Epiphany
5th January 2021 Joanna Turner
Dear friends
Yes, I know, you had a service for Epiphany on Sunday.  Well, it won’t hurt to have another viewpoint on it on the actual date – 6th January.  That’s the beauty of the Holy Bible – you can read it however many times you want and each time you will see something new, you will learn another aspect, God will speak to you in a different way.
That’s why the Bible remains relevant in each generation, that’s why we need to bring it afresh to each generation, that’s why our message of Good News (Gospel) remains exciting.
If ever you are tempted to feel there is nothing new to say about God, it’s all been said before, try telling one of the Bible stories to children.  They always come up with a fresh perspective.  One of my well-worn winners is the little boy who saw John the Baptist as Jesus’ sat nav because he was always pointing people to Jesus.  Talk to Mike and Liz about the way the children respond to Open the Book.  And then open the Bible again and look with fresh eyes.  Forget all you ever thought about that particular story or passage and look at it in a new way.  Perhaps imagine yourself as one of the characters.  I once did this with a group of people looking at the paralysed man who was told to get up, pick up your deb, and walk.  The young man playing the part of the man was so frightened about being upright after so many years lying on his bed and so frightened at the thought of having to look after himself.  It made me think again.
So look again at the story of the Epiphany and see if it brings fresh insights to you.
God keep you safe and bless you all.
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