Weekly Service Leaflet – 3rd January 2021 – The Second Sunday of Christmas

Weekly Service Leaflet – 3rd January 2021 – The Second Sunday of Christmas
1st January 2021 Joanna Turner
Dear friends
A blessed and, yes, Happy New Year to you all.
I know that it is hard to be optimistic in the face of the daily Coronavirus figures and tier 4 restrictions but, let’s face it, if we people of faith who have just celebrated the coming of our Saviour, can’t be optimistic, then who can?
If Christmas means anything, it is a time of hope and renewal.  The hope and promise of a Saviour who shows us how to live as God’s people.  A Saviour who promises God will never forget or forsake us. A Saviour who offers us a new life in God’s presence. A Saviour who lived on earth and understands us and the challenges and trials we face.
It isn’t just about saying – well it can’t be any worse than last year.  I know of many who had a worse time than me last year.  It isn’t just about putting our faith in a vaccine – viruses have a habit of fighting back as we’ve seen in the variant strain devastating the South East.  It’s about saying we have a God who loves us and will save us.  We may not always understand his ways or even like them.  We may not always like his timing. But we have the assurance of faith that God will never forget what we need and will never abandon us.
And so, I can pray for you a happy new year.  One blessed by the God in whom we all believe.

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