Weekly Service Leaflet – 20th December 2020 – The Fourth Sunday of Advent

Weekly Service Leaflet – 20th December 2020 – The Fourth Sunday of Advent
18th December 2020 Joanna Turner
Dear friends
It is getting so close!  Yes, Christmas but, also, we can see a lightening of the problems of the pandemic too.  I know it’s bad at the moment and the end won’t come swiftly, but that is the way with all the best things.  Remember how long it seemed we had to wait as children?  When mum said not yet.  When we were waiting for birthdays or Christmas.  For some of us, for the school holidays.  Even as adults, the wait seems to be delayed again and again.  Once when my daughter was out of work, she made the local newspaper because she had applied for so many jobs to try to find work – but she still had to wait – it seemed forever.  Sometimes waiting for a baby to arrive or treatment at a hospital can seem as though it will never happen.
But Christmas WILL come and there WILL be a time when life isn’t a series of restrictions and lockdowns.
And if we think we have to wait a long time, spare a thought for the people of God we read about in the Bible.  They had been waiting thousands of years for their Saviour to arrive.  They had confidence he would come because God had promised them and God never reneges on a promise. But it must have seemed as though it would never happen, or at least, not in my lifetime.
And if we thought the vaccine would instantly bring an end to Covid 19 forever, remember how disappointed some of God’s people were when instead of a mighty warrior to kick out those pesky Romans, they got a baby!!
We WILL have a Christmas to remember.  We WILL see this virus off. God WILL achieve great things.  God WILL NOT forget his promises.
May God keep you safe and bless you

Please find below a link to our weekly service at home leaflet for Sunday 20th December 2020 – The Fourth Sunday of Advent.