Weekly Service Leaflet – 13th December 2020 – The Third Sunday of Advent

Weekly Service Leaflet – 13th December 2020 – The Third Sunday of Advent
11th December 2020 Joanna Turner
Dear friends
We have a very challenging reading for Sunday – give thanks in all circumstances.  Really!!!  Even these circumstances??  As I write this the rain is coming down, it’s very gloomy, Covid numbers are rising again and it looks like we won’t have a trade deal when we leave the EU. And that doesn’t take account of individual personal circumstances which are difficult, to say the least.
The Christian Church is often accused of being out of touch with reality and way too nice for its own good. Is this just another example?
Well yes and no.  Yes, in that this was written a long time ago when 21st-century problems didn’t exist and No, because each era has its own challenges.  We may think Covid is bad but it’s nothing compared to the ravages of the plague when vast swathes of the population across the world were wiped out in a truly horrific manner and without the benefit of adequate health care.
Are we too ‘nice’ for our own good? Well, I don’t think that is possible.  How can we care too much about our world and the people in it?  How can we fail to care for people made in God’s image?  How can we fail to care for the glorious world which God has generously provided for our needs and for our play?
Yes, times are tough and we would be wrong to ignore the impact on each and every person. But we have the hope and promise of God. We have the knowledge of a loving God to sustain us.  We have the chance to tell others of that God, that hope and that promise.
These things will never be taken from us no matter what the circumstances.  So, yes, I think we should rejoice whatever the circumstances we find ourselves in – even today.
God keep you all safe and bless you.

Please find below a link to our weekly service at home leaflet for Sunday 13th December 2020 – The Third Sunday of Advent.