Weekly Service Leaflet – 6th December 2020 – The Second Sunday of Advent

Weekly Service Leaflet – 6th December 2020 – The Second Sunday of Advent
4th December 2020 Joanna Turner
Dear Friends
During the first week of Advent from last Sunday, I’ve been following the YouTube videos from my daughter’s Church (Christ Church Mayfair).  Surprisingly, they started in Genesis and today (Friday) they told the story of David and Goliath.  (If you are intrigued, go to the Christ Church Mayfair website and sign in to receive them free of charge.)  Not the most obvious place to start Advent!!  But what they are doing is showing why we need a Saviour (Adam and Eve, the serpent and that wretched apple) and then how God’s promise of a Saviour manifested itself through the years. As a taster, God said to the serpent that its head would be crushed – the serpent being evil.  In David and Goliath – Goliath represented evil (he mocked God) and the stone David slung entered his head.  There is, of course, more to it than that in the video but you’ll have to watch it to find out.
What this has brought home to me is that we do sometimes need fresh approaches to Advent and Christmas in order to shake us out of our – Oh yes, it’s December. It must be Christmas attitude.
In a year like no other where Carol Services are being cancelled because we can’t sing, our ‘big’ services are being scaled down and even our ‘normal’ socialising is being prevented, we have to take a fresh look at things and decide what really matters.
Can I suggest that what really matters is that our loved ones are safe.  That isolated people have the hope that before too long they may be able to go out and meet others.  That, as Christians, we can bring some hope into the lives of others with our message of Good News. That, having looked with fresh eyes at the meaning of Advent and Christmas, we can talk about our faith with a renewed understanding and excitement.
2020 may be a year to forget as soon as possible but we need to leave the negatives to one side as we bring the excitement, happiness, anticipation and joy of the coming Saviour to people who are walking around our world, our village, our street not knowing God’s love in their lives.
God bless you and keep you safe.

Please find below a link to our weekly service at home leaflet for Sunday 6th December 2020 – The Second Sunday of Advent.