Weekly Service Leaflet – 30th August 2020 – Twelfth Sunday After Trinity

Weekly Service Leaflet – 30th August 2020 – Twelfth Sunday After Trinity
28th August 2020 Joanna Turner
Dear Friends
I pray you are all well and managing the frustrations of this strange time.
This week I have been reflecting on the theme of caring and love.  Our Bible readings this Sunday talk about where caring can go wrong (Peter cares so much he loses sight of Jesus’s purpose in coming to earth) and where it is invaluable.  Sometimes those who care for us can be overprotective but we need them so much in our lives.  Of course, the pandemic has brought home to us all how much we rely on carers – those who have faced tremendous pressure in the caring services, those who have been coping at home under such difficult circumstances to care for the vulnerable, those who may have been strangers but who have in some way offered their care to those isolated and afraid.
But it has also reminded us that this happens all the time.  The young carers who care for vulnerable adults.  Those caring for people with degenerative illnesses and disability in their own homes.  Those who go the extra mile to watch out for neighbours and friends.
Let’s remember in our prayers this week all those who care in any way.  Let’s pray that we won’t forget them in the busy-ness of our own lives safe in the knowledge that they are never forgotten by God who asks us to share that responsibility with Him.
God bless you all.

Please find below a link to our weekly service at home leaflet for Sunday 30th August 2020, Twelfth Sunday after Trinity.