Weekly Service Leaflet – 16th August 2020 – Tenth Sunday After Trinity

Weekly Service Leaflet – 16th August 2020 – Tenth Sunday After Trinity
14th August 2020 Joanna Turner
Dear Friends
First, we’re up and then we’re down.  First, the numbers are dropping and then they are rising and then they are dropping again.  And all the while restrictions come and go until we can’t be sure whether we can do things or not.
The exams are going to be marked this way and then they aren’t.  Then they are marked this way and then they aren’t again but there’s a right of appeal.  It’s not just the senior members of our community who are confused.
And yet, we can’t altogether blame the leaders and lawmakers.  These are unknown waters, unprecedented times.  Would we have had a clue what to do?  Probably not.
Where do we go for the certainty, the steadiness we all need in order to live our lives peacefully?
This Sunday we are remembering the Virgin Mary.  If ever anyone had their world turned upside down and faced uncharted waters it was her. A young girl in a close-knit family, in a little village with her future all, mapped out.  Marriage to a good man with a steady job.  And then God called on her to do something amazing.
What did she do?  She turned to God.  She trusted God.  She called on God and praised him.
My friends, we can do no other.
This last week we have lost a beloved member of our Church family in the death of Daphne Starling.  But Daphne had no fear of dying.  She told me way before the pandemic that she was ready.  She was close to God and trusted him.
And during this next week, Rev Mike will be having a procedure in hospital.  We pray for him and for Elizabeth – for God’s swift healing and comfort.  Knowing that God answers prayer we can surround Daphne’s family and Liz and Mike with our love and prayers during this coming week.
Loving and trusting God.  Turning to God in times of uncertainty.  Truly we are all well blessed.
God bless you all.

Please find below a link to our weekly service at home leaflet for Sunday 16th August 2020, Tenth Sunday after Trinity.