Weekly Service Leaflet – 9th August 2020 – Ninth Sunday After Trinity

Weekly Service Leaflet – 9th August 2020 – Ninth Sunday After Trinity
8th August 2020 Joanna Turner
Dear Friends
This week has seen the anniversaries of the bombing of Hiroshima (6th Aug) and Nagasaki (today 9th Aug) and the massive explosion in Beirut.  Such destruction caused by the will of human beings – 2 by deliberate aggression and 1 by wilful neglect. In both cases lives were lost, massive injuries caused and destruction of lives and infrastructure which would and will take years to even begin to repair whilst the damage to human lives will never heal.
In many ways, it puts our problems into perspective.  So many people have complained to me about having to wear face masks, being restricted in what they can do, and having holiday plans disrupted.
All these things are in place so that we can love and care for each other.  Surely that is what we want to do all the time in a small acknowledgment of God’s love and care for us.
As so often we feel helpless in the face of such events and yet we are given the immense privilege of being able to pray to a God who hears us and answers our prayers.
Our reading from the Gospel this week reminds us that, so often, what is impossible for mere human beings is not impossible for God.  Jesus could walk on the water and save Peter’s life when all he could do was flounder and sink beneath the waves.
Ah for the trust which relies on that God.
Keep trusting and keep praying.  God is in control.
God bless you all.

Please find below a link to our weekly service at home leaflet for Sunday 9th August 2020, Ninth Sunday after Trinity.