Weekly Service Leaflet – 2nd August 2020 – Eighth Sunday After Trinity

Weekly Service Leaflet – 2nd August 2020 – Eighth Sunday After Trinity
8th August 2020 Joanna Turner
Dear Friends
So, what is safe and what isn’t?  What can we do and what shouldn’t we do?  What will treat this awful disease and what is useless against it?  When, oh, when will we be able to hug our loved ones again?
So many questions.  So many uncertainties.  So much fear.
What can we rely on? What’s the best thing to do?
I don’t suppose any of you will be surprised to hear that I believe our whole trust should be placed in God. The familiar story in our service this week – the feeding of the 5000 (or was it more than 5000?) – is not just about how one little boy’s lunch fed so many people – amazing though that is.  It’s about how, if we trust in God, miraculous things can and do happen.  Jesus didn’t just take the food, break it up and give each person a share of it.  He asked God to bless it first.
In these uncertain times, it isn’t just that we should pray.  It’s that we should believe that God will answer our prayers.  Not just what we ask, but more – overflowing love.
When I talk to children about this story, I have one of them stand with a cereal bowl in their hands and I start to pour in some cornflakes. (Other cereals are available and work just as well.) I pretend not to notice that the bowl is full and that some flakes are falling on the floor and making a mess.  And then I explain – that is how God gives.
Not just a little bit.  Not just enough.  But generously and with overflowing love.
My friends – God will heal us and our nation in a way that is best for us.  Not just a little bit but with the overflowing of his love.  And that is a certainty.
God bless you all.

Please find below a link to our weekly service at home leaflet for Sunday 2nd August 2020, Eighth Sunday after Trinity.