Ninth Sunday after Trinity – 9th August 2020 – Notices & Prayers

Ninth Sunday after Trinity – 9th August 2020 – Notices & Prayers
8th August 2020 Joanna Turner

Prayers this week for:

Please pray for those who are ill:
Richard Gunton, William Ireland, Revd. Les Rees, Rosie Skelton, Vince, Jean Upton and Jane Williams.

Those whose anniversaries fall at this time;
John Jefferson Shum, William Buchanan, Maggie Beale

Following the massive explosion in the Port of Beirut, we pray for the many victims injured and those who have lost loved ones. We have had contact from Embrace the Middle East who tell us that thankfully their partners are ok but many of their premises have no doors or windows. They tell us it couldn’t have come at a worst time with Lebanon in severe economic crisis and struggling to respond to the Coronavirus crisis.


God of compassion,
be close to those who are ill, afraid or in isolation.
In their loneliness, be their consolation;
In their anxiety, be their hope;
In their darkness, be their light;
through him who suffered alone on the Cross,
but reigns with you in glory,
Jesus Christ our Lord.


Church Re-opening for worship

 You may have heard in the media that the Churches may open for worship after 4th July with strict conditions. As a Benefice, we are looking at how we might be able to do this.

In Yoxall we have already complied with many of the conditions in order to open for Private Prayer – one-way system through Church, hand sanitizers on entry and exit, surfaces frequently cleaned with anti-bacterial liquids, posters and signs, etc.

People would have to comply with the 2-metre rule both inside and outside the Church building. (The one metre + rule only applies when 2 metres are not possible.) This means that we could not accommodate more than about 30 people at any one time including the Minister leading the service and any other Church members who need to be present.  There will be no singing, sharing the peace or social time after the worship.  Services have to be kept as short as possible. Communion in one kind (i.e. bread only) is allowed and we will offer face shields to those who wish to receive. The face shields will be placed in a basket after receiving, left for 72 hours and then sanitized ready for re-use. You will be invited to sanitize your hands on entry and exit. And face masks and gloves will be available for those who need them. We need to take your name and contact phone number for Track and Trace but this information will only be kept for 21 days and then destroyed. So Church will feel very different.


2020 Hamstall Kings Bromley Mavesyn Yoxall
9thAugust 10am  HC         DS 11.30am   HC     MP
16thAugust 11.15am   HC    DS 10am   HC      MB
23rdAugust 10am  HC      DS 11.30am    HC    FF
30thAugust 11.15am  HC FF 10am HC  MP


Funerals and weddings

The Government is now allowing Weddings and Funerals to take place in Church again under strict conditions. One of these conditions is that no more than 30 people attend including the Minister and any other Church people who need to be present AND INCLUDING ANYONE IN THE CHURCHYARD.  This latter point being very important in terms of funerals where, in the past, those unable to be present in the Church building have stood outside and had the sound relayed to them.  This is NOT now possible.

If anyone is asked about Weddings and Funerals would they please refer to Marilyn before making any commitments to those enquiring.


Lichfield Cathedral

Lichfield Cathedral is now open for private prayer from 1430 -1630 every day. Social distancing measures, cleaning and hand sanitisation arrangements have been put in place. Staff and volunteers will be on hand to ensure everyone is kept safe and all abide by the distancing measures. Numbers entering the Cathedral will be limited and everyone coming to the Cathedral needs to be prepared to queue if necessary.


Ride and Stride 2020

The organisers of this event remain hopeful that it will still be able to take place in some form on Saturday 12th September, albeit in a curtailed fashion.  We have previously raised hundreds of pounds each year from Yoxall, shared between the Staffordshire Historic Churches Trust and our own parish.


Families and Church

If you have access to the internet, please look at St Peter’s Church Facebook page every week. Our Roots Church subscription provides us with lots of resources.

For families with children, we have got a weekly Bible Reading with related questions, prayers, lots of things to do, including a worksheet and colouring pages linked to the Lectionary, Year A.

For all of us, there is a very good postscript linking this week’s reading to the news. This contains a reflection, prayers and activities for all. Well worth looking at! ~ this should bring you straight to the page ~ this is a free resource



We are now able to take requests for floodlights!  If you would like to have them set in memory of a loved one or for a special event, then please contact Sue on 472314 or email with your request.  We kindly ask for a minimum donation of £10.00 to go towards the cost of the floodlighting, which can be placed in an envelope and put in the letterbox at Snails Place, Victoria Street. Please note that floodlights requested during the summer will not come on until approximately 9.30 pm.


Private Prayer

The times when the Church will be open for private prayer so that individuals or those who live in the same house may come in to pray by themselves in the Lady Chapel, has changed.  Social Distancing and all necessary precautions will be observed. This is available at the following time:



10am to 2pm


Only a small number of people can be in the Church at any one time so please be understanding of the limited time available and please be respectfully quiet while others pray.

Any queries please contact Marilyn or Mike (see below)



Everyone is warmly invited to attend services in any of the churches of the United Benefice. At the moment each church in the Benefice has a service every other Sunday. On the Sundays when your church does not have a service you do not have to go without worship or receiving God’s life in the sacrament of Holy Communion. It is only a ten-minute drive to another church in the Benefice and you will be made very welcome.

Face coverings in church will be required from August 8th just as they are required in supermarkets and other places. Yes, we all know that they are uncomfortable and difficult to wear, they steam up your glasses and it feels hard to breathe. But we do this to protect each other from the transmission of the virus. During the pandemic lockdown, we have been accustomed to making sacrifices to protect the well-being of others. This is a little thing that we can do to protect our Christian community from Covid-19.


Contact Details

Rev Marilyn 07889372275 or 01889 624127 or

Rev Mike on 01543 472761 or

Items for notices for next Sunday to Sue Piper by Wednesday please ~  email (Tel 472314)



Creator,                                                                                             Christ,

as I prepare to go into the world,                                               since my lips will be covered,

help me to see the sacrament                                                       uncover my heart,

in the wearing of this cloth –                                                        that people would see my smile

let it be “an outward sign                                                             in the crinkles around my eyes.

of an inward grace” –                                                                    Since my voice may be muffled,

a tangible and visible way of living                                          help me to speak clearly,

love for my neighbours,                                                               not only with my words,

as I love myself.                                                                             But with my actions.



Holy Spirit,

As the elastic touches my ears,

remind me to listen carefully –

and full of care – to all those I meet.

May this simple piece of cloth be

shield and banner,

and each breath that it holds,

be filled with your love.

In your Name and

in that love,

I pray. May it be so. May it be so