Seventh Sunday of Easter – 24th May 2020 – Notices & Prayers

Seventh Sunday of Easter – 24th May 2020 – Notices & Prayers
22nd May 2020 Joanna Turner

Prayer for this week:

Lord Jesus, when you look at our world,

we want you to see us at our best:

filled with courage and love, creativity and joy.

But we know that we are sometimes

cruel and thoughtless, selfish and greedy.

Help us to be the people you want us to be,

alive with your life, filled with your Spirit


Stay alert.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil is prowling around like roaring lion, seeking for someone to devour. Resist him, strong in the faith. 1 Peter 5.8,9 These are the words from the traditional service of Night Prayer (Compline). They come to mind at the moment, as the wonderful stories about heroes and self-sacrifice and mutual aid, which was the response of communities to the pandemic, begin to slip from our memories. Other stories, about selfishness, greed and competitiveness take their place. We hear statements that are economical with the truth. Was the goodness and the love just a passing phase? Was the new world we hoped to build just a dream or will we, as people given life by the Spirit of Jesus, fight to make it a reality? (Rev Deborah Sheridan)

Night Prayer (Compline).

Each evening from Ascension to Pentecost, 21-31 May, Night Prayer will be streamed, led by members of the diocesan Bishop’s Staff team, on their Facebook Page and Group at 9pm each evening

Your Ministers are still here for you.

If you would like to talk, or if there is a person or situation you would like us to pray for, please just pick up the phone or email us. It is our job to be here for you. Contact details are in the Parish Magazines.


Prayers this week for:

Val Anderson, Jane Williams, Jane, Helen Sansom,  Rosie Skelton Les Reece, Jeanette, Mary Simmons, any who are feeling low at this time.

Those who have died – George Manners
Those whose anniversaries fall at this time – Anthony Knight, Jose Wilkes, George Ward

The Coronavirus may be raising questions for you so over the next few weeks we will try to provide some resources for you to look at. The second one mentioned here is available free of charge from a box outside Church.  Recommended

Shorter: Evangelical

The one below might be a good one to send to families with young children


Families and Church

If you have access to the internet, please look at St Peter’s Church Facebook page every week. Our Roots Church subscription provides us with lots of resources.

For families with children we have got a weekly Bible Reading with related questions, prayers, lots of things to do, including a worksheet and colouring pages linked to the Lectionary, Year A.

For all of us there is a very good postscript linking this week’s reading to the news. This contains a reflection, prayers, and activities for all. Well worth looking at! ~ this should bring you straight to the page ~ this is a free resource.


Free Book to Download

You can download the e-book “If you could ask God one question” by Paul Williams and Barry Cooper for free until the end of June. It’s a fantastic resource and looks at a number of questions asked by those who aren’t Christians.  The best way to access this, if you have internet, is to use , in the search box start typing the words “if you could ask God one question”.  Click on the book  “ebook”.

Sport Quiz

Something for anyone interested in sport. Christians in Sport quizzes are really high quality…


Until further notice we are unable to set the floodlights on request.  They have however been set for Sunday evenings as a sign of respect for all those who are ill or who have passed away.

St.Peter’s Church Building

This has been checked and secured, following updated information from the Diocese and guidelines issued from our Insurers. In line with the above all wheelie bins have been withdrawn until further notice. While the church building remains locked down, access is ONLY for the clergy and wardens. No keyholder is allowed entry without permission of the wardens. Grass cutting will continue as normal, whilst at the same time observing social distancing.  Would parishioners living near the church or passing by, please be vigilant in respect of possible damage to the building at this time?



Rev Marilyn 07889372275 or 01889 624127 or

Rev Mike on 01543 472761 or


Items for notices for next Sunday to Sue Piper by Wednesday please ~  email (Tel 472314)