Community Action Group Meeting – Saturday 16th May 2020

Community Action Group Meeting – Saturday 16th May 2020
17th May 2020 Joanna Turner

Yoxall CoVid-19 Community Action Group

Meeting 10: Saturday 16th May 2020 at 10.00 am – Conference Call

Members present; Jamie and Jenny Waterall, Sue Pryde, Phil Hughes, Warren Bradley, Marylin Peters, Kay Davies, Diana Muir, Gina Wilson, Colin, and Susanna Reisner, Katy Lawrence, Marsha Knightsmith, Judith, Laura Beech, George Allen.

Updates and Actions


  • Online communication; Colin posted a question on Facebook but only received one response regarding the effectiveness of our communication, so we conclude that at this stage the newsletter is sufficient at this time, certainly for those who can access social media. We have not received a high number of phone calls, so we assume things are working at this stage for those not able to access online communications.
  • The Fisherman content – in hand. Sue to check with editors to ensure they have content that reflects our work.
  • Conference facilities; we are currently using Zoom and Sue monitors entry. Sue to enquire as to whether we can alter the subscription to lower the price which may include a second host? Anna. We agreed to keep this under review. Lock meeting 5 mins after it starts. Sue will monitor who is asking to join the calls. Revert to invites.

Community Events

  • There was a Friday quiz this week – thank you to the Carty family. The group didn’t want the hosting or attendance to be a pressure. Some suggestions for holding events that take little planning i.e. general community get together.
  • Church; leaflets are outside the church ‘Hope After Coronavirus,’ for the community to help themselves to. The Church is also planning an open forum for the community to raise and explore questions together. This may be held as a Zoom event.
  • School; one year group has used Microsoft Teams, and one class has shared a document within their class with positive feedback. The school gates are looking lovely. Zoom cannot be used.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Judith and Katy are available to meet the social needs of the community and they offered support. Their work and support to be advertised in The Fisherman. Sue to connect Katy and Judith with the editorial team. Marsha to work with Katy and Judith to also advertise in the weekly school newsletter.
  • Judith offered a trial session to discuss mental health with a view to rolling out wider within our community; contact Judith via email if you’d like to be involved in this trial.

Local Services

  • Foodbank; donated to the Salvation Army and Uttoxeter foodbank this week. Parcels are being distributed. Might a change of name bring a more positive connotation, perhaps like the community pantry? Marsha to share this idea with the foodbank group.


  • Alyson provided a written update: no issues to report. Thank you as always to all volunteers.

Any other business

  • The group agreed to move meetings to every fortnight on a trial basis but this can be modified if necessary. We will keep updating the Covid-19 Facebook site and subgroups to continue beyond this meeting arena where necessary.
  • The Fisherman circulation to be managed by Sue and Alyson.
  • As the zoom facility is not to be used by schools, is there another way we can link into care homes. Marylin to explore if the church choir can be involved here.
  • If we discover a financial barrier, George pointed us to get in touch with Laura or Julia.
  • Continued heartfelt thank you all round.

Discussion notes to be shared on the CoVid-19 Facebook page, on the Parish Council website and on the Church website and Facebook page.

The next meeting agreed to take place on Saturday  30th May, 10 am via conference call. All community members welcome to join.

(It was agreed that we would also trail an informal get together on Saturdays when we are not holding our meetings. Anyone would be welcome to join these events).