Weekly Service Leaflet – 17th May 2020 – Sixth Sunday of Easter

Weekly Service Leaflet – 17th May 2020 – Sixth Sunday of Easter
15th May 2020 Joanna Turner
I pray you are keeping safe and well and that the challenge of these continued weeks in isolation is not proving too great to bear.
Most people I speak to are finding that the last couple of weeks have been somehow more difficult and all the media speculation and Government announcements seem confusing and far from encouraging.
We are having to face up to the virus being with us for much longer than we hoped and the prospect of a very different world in the future.
BUT everyone I speak to is relying on prayer and their Church family for hope and blessing and that is something unique to people of faith.  It is also something we can offer to those who have weak or no faith.
Be encouraged and maintain your prayers and your vision of God’s kingdom. God never disappoints and never fails to respond.
There are some leaflets outside the Church called Hope after Coronavirus which you are welcome to take free of charge.  If you can’t get down to Church ask someone to pick one up and drop it off for you. Also, watch out for more information in your June Fisherman on how to access more information about Faith and the Virus.
I pray you will stay safe (or stay alert if you prefer) and God bless you all.

Rev Marilyn


Please find below a link to our weekly service at home leaflet for Sunday 17th May 2020, Sixth Sunday of Easter.