Community Action Group Meeting – Saturday 2nd May 2020

Community Action Group Meeting – Saturday 2nd May 2020
13th May 2020 Joanna Turner

Yoxall CoVid-19 Community Action Group

Meeting 8: Saturday 2nd May 2020 at 10.00 am – Conference Call

Members present; Jamie and Jenny Waterall, Claire Stewart, Colin, and Suzanna Reisner, Alyson Walker, Sue Pryde, Anna Bower, Warren Bradley, Gina Wilson, Marylin Peters, Marsha Knightsmith, Kay Davies, Diana Muir, Judith, Pete Garner, Penelope Smith, Andrew Brown, Alex Mackenzie, Phil Hughes.

Updates and Actions


  • Update on the second newsletter; well done to all involved with the second Yoxall newsletter. It has been distributed around the village with the last few going out today. There have been a few calls at a manageable level, some asking for assistance but also some offers of help.
  • A pdf of the newsletter has been shared with the community matron and district nurse team to share with patients.
  • Andrew to send an article to The Fisherman to include answers to the crossword.
  • Is The Fisherman, as a primary means of communication in the future, sufficient to meet the needs of the community (we are mindful this is a religious publication)? It has a circulation of around 500, although the June edition is going to every household. Funding is an ongoing issue for the church but the church really wants to be involved. Diana to take this forward to discuss with the Parish Council with regards to funding.
  • The group discussed whether we can collate a list of the skills we have within our community. Penelope to research this further – what can we offer?
  • The group questioned whether we advertise our group with local services like the police, midwives, etc in view of them knowing we are here and also maybe even representatives joining the group. In the first instance, Marsha, Claire, and Jenny to contact the school (see community events).

Community Events

  • The Friday games night was enjoyed by families in Yoxall – thank you to the Furneaux family for organising this.

The quizzes to date have been really creative and enjoyed by on average around 10 families. The winner each week is becoming the host for the next week. Fridays are seeming to work for families.

  • We discussed ideas to extend the use of zoom. The school has been informed of the link for the community. Can classes get together and see their teachers? Ideas to be shared with the school, although the group acknowledges safeguarding concerns. Claire and Anna to also contact John Taylor.
  • The church is trying to build a skill set to allow the congregation to join in with an act of worship using zoom or another like platform. Currently, a leaflet service goes out to around 70 households and encourages joint participation of worship at 10 am on a Sunday and also for special events such as a VE day reflection. Building the skill set is the barrier to taking this online. There are also planned entries in The Fisherman to encourage community members to get in touch if they wish to discuss or share ideas.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Judith joined the meeting. She is a mental health wellbeing worker and social prescriber who can offer 1:1 sessions to listen and suggest ideas to help support wellbeing. Judith to contact the social prescriber for Yoxall to invite her to join our meetings. Judith also to reflect on providing small group support online. Claire to work with Judith on this.

Local Services

  • Local business representatives were absent from the meeting.
  • Foodbank update – the foodbank has made links with Trent and Dove housing providing details of the food bank so that tenants know who they can contact. There has been a steady stream of parcels delivered and lots of donations, including from Morrisons. They plan to include an entry in June’s The Fisherman. Please note that the foodbank is open for donations on a Tuesday 6-7 pm as well as a Thursday (the newsletter omitted the Tuesday time). An amendment to be shared on the Facebook pages and this to be included in the foodbank’s Fisherman entry.
  • Ideas to manage food close to sell-by date were shared; could food coming close to sell-by date go somewhere else, like perhaps The Salvation Army or the refuge in Lichfield?
  • Thank you to those providing meals to the community; Rachael Turner’s efforts here, in particular, were praised.


  • Covered in other sections.

Any other business

  • Could children link to provide support to help with people in isolation in care homes? Some care homes are using iPads, and some care home staff are bringing messages out too. Kay to explore this further.
  • We acknowledge that subgroups are developing within our group and this to continue organically. If subgroups require zoom, please contact Sue.
  • Alyson spoke of a ‘Calling tree’ on the Hill Ridware site, where one person calls three others, who then in turn call three more. This may be something to look into.
  • Pete suggested that on VE day we share some kind of socially distant time on our streets. Pete to connect with the community to promote and advertise ideas.

This was a hugely positive and proactive meeting with current and new members present, sharing fresh ideas and working with a true community spirit to join as a community and support each other. Thank you to all!


Discussion notes to be shared on the CoVid-19 Facebook page, on the Parish Council website and on the Church website and Facebook page.

The next meeting agreed to take place on Saturday  9th May, 10 am via conference call. All community members welcome to join.