Community Action Group Meeting – Saturday 9th May 2020

Community Action Group Meeting – Saturday 9th May 2020
13th May 2020 Joanna Turner

Yoxall CoVid-19 Community Action Group

Meeting 9: Saturday 9th May 2020 at 10.00 am – Conference Call

Members present; Jamie and Jenny Waterall, Claire Stewart, Colin and Susanna Reisner, Alyson Walker, Sue Pryde, Anna Bower, Warren Bradley, Marylin Peters, Marsha Knightsmith, Kay Davies, Penny Smith, Diana Muir, Gina Wilson.

Updates and Actions


  • Please email or direct message Jenny if you would like a personal copy of the discussion notes.
  • There is the continued distribution of the newsletter; volunteers are trying hard to ensure the parish is covered, and the vast majority of the parish has been covered. It has also been shared on Facebook sites. Marilyn to make enquires to see if we can display the newsletter on the community and church noticeboards.
  • The Fisherman is going to every household in June. Content of our leaflet to be included – Colin, Andrew, Sue, Alyson to consider this, with a deadline for content as of 20th.
  • We need to explore ways to circulate information in the future; can we maintain and fund future copies of the Yoxall newsletter for example? Is there the capacity to produce a more regular online publication? Colin to consider the feasibility of a more frequent online publication.
  • Diane to talk to Phil and look into inviting our ESBC Councillor Laura to our meetings.
  • Anna to review and consider if Microsoft Teams, or something else, might work better for us.
  • Do we need to consider constituting the group to get additional funding?? Claire to look into this.
  • It was agreed that we should now start to consider the future of our community group. Jamie suggested that we have an extraordinary meeting soon to discuss this issue. It was agreed that things will never be the same and we should look to continue to benefit from this group trying to connect all parts of our community with the aim of ‘going further together’.

Community Events

  • There was not a Friday quiz this week due to VE day celebrations but this is planning to resume again next Friday.
  • Feedback on connecting the children through school – the school is considering ways to improve communication between children and with teachers. Zoom continues to raise safeguarding concerns. The school has placed a rainbow outside the school and they encourage the community to add to this (this to be shared on the FOSPS and Yoxall community Facebook pages). They are also issuing PE challenges on twitter for families to engage with.
  • The church has been reviewing what they can offer online and will share with an entry into The Fisherman. Leaflets will be placed outside of the church and they are also looking at how they can get together virtually to explore questions people are currently having, both now and in the future. Sue confirmed she can arrange zoom meetings for this purpose.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Judith and Katie send their apologies with regards to making today’s meeting but are keen to be part of this group and work with us. Judith proposes a trial session to discuss mental health with a view to rolling out wider within our community. Claire to feedback to Judith that we wish to try this.

Local Services

  • Foodbank update – donations continue to come in and some parcels have gone out this week. Thanks to the wider foodbank group for their continued effort. Entry in The Fisherman. All to consider ways in which we can promote this service for those who need to access this.


  • There have been some phone calls requesting help, currently at a manageable rate.

Any other business

  • Penny is considering how we can collate a list of experiences in the village in a safe way.
  • Can the foodbank support families that have free school meals, for example, when it’s a bank holiday? The foodbank has already been in contact with the primary and secondary schools to share the offer of help.
  • We agreed to come back to the topic of loneliness at a future meeting.


Discussion notes to be shared on the CoVid-19 Facebook page, on the Parish Council website and on the Church website and Facebook page.

The next meeting agreed to take place on Saturday 16th May, 10 am via conference call. All community members welcome to join.