Fifth Sunday of Easter – 10th May 2020 – Notices & Prayers

Fifth Sunday of Easter – 10th May 2020 – Notices & Prayers
8th May 2020 Joanna Turner

When you walk through a storm hold your head up high and don’t be afraid of the dark
At the end of a storm there’s a golden sky and the sweet silver song of a lark
Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone

Michael Thompson  RIP ~ Richard Thompson, Michael’s son, contacted me to tell me that Michael died on Monday 4th.  He was in a Nursing Home near York and his dementia had been getting worse in the last few months. However, he had also been diagnosed with  Covid 19.  His funeral will be held on Friday 8th with just the family there, but they hope that when it is possible they would like to have a service at Yoxall and inter Michael’s ashes with Mary’s in the churchyard. Michael was a man of faith and an enthusiastic supporter of St. Peter’s, a man of ideas.  Rest in Peace Michael.

For your prayers this week:

Those who are ill: Val Anderson, Jane Williams, Jane & Glyn, Helen Sansom, Rosie Skelton, and any known to us who are feeling low at this time of isolation.

Those who have died: Enid Williams, Brian Scyner, John Blakemore and Michael Thompson

  • Lichfield CathedralVirtual Prayer Wall. On this page you can write a prayer, which is then posted on the Wall. Visitors to the Prayer Wall can choose to light a candle to mark their prayer or the memory of a loved one. A flickering candle will appear on the wall next to the visitor’s prayer and burn down slowly for the next 48 hours.
  • Your Ministers are still here for you. You may not actually see us but we are still here and if you need us please just pick up the phone or email us. It is our job to be here for you. Contact details are in the Parish Magazines.

Some extra resources for prayer and worship: 

NB Please note that some of these times may vary

Many churches are streaming their services, prayers, thoughts and sermons online.

Thank you to all who have put flowers around the cross outside the church, they have been appreciated by many people in the village. We are no longer able to place flowers in the church in memory of a loved one, however, if you would like to the buckets of greenery will remain around the cross and flowers or a pot could be placed there to keep the Easter display going.

Salvation Army ~ We are unable to collect food donations for the Salvation Army Food Bank during the Church closure but their work has tripled over the last few weeks for obvious reasons.

In order to respond to this situation, the SA has asked us to make any monetary donation we feel we can to support their work. It is proposed that we send a donation on behalf of the whole congregation of St Peter’s directly from the Church account. (If you would prefer to send your donation directly, then please contact either Mike Binsley or Malcolm Piper for details.) If you make donations to the Church by regular bank payments please would you consider adding something extra to support this as a ‘one-off’ donation.

Never have our neighbours needed our support more and we have few opportunities like this to respond to God’s generosity to us and our thankfulness for all we receive.

Christian Aid Week

This week should have been Christian Aid Week. Normally the red envelopes would be dropping through Yoxall’s letterboxes, and over the last years, we have consistently been able to send around £2,000 to Christian Aid.  This year, of course, things are very different, and sadly the house to house collection has been cancelled. But the work still goes on, and this year the focus is on fighting Coronavirus.  The world’s poorest countries have the weakest health systems, and many of the most vulnerable people will be exposed to this deadly virus. They will struggle to cope with any costs of healthcare or the cost of being unable to earn a living while ill or quarantined.

Life is difficult for everyone just now, but if you are able, please consider going on to the Christian Aid website Coronavirus appeal, and make a donation.  Alternatively, please contact Rosemary Payne on 472943 or Wendy Talbot on 472703 for more details. Many thanks

St.Peter’s church building has been checked and secured, following updated information from the Diocese and guidelines issued from our Insurers. In line with the above, all wheelie bins have been withdrawn until further notice. While the church building remains locked down, access is ONLY for the clergy and wardens. No keyholder is allowed entry without permission of the wardens. Grass cutting will continue as normal, whilst at the same time observing social distancing.  Would parishioners living near the church or passing by, please be vigilant in respect of possible damage to the building at this time?

Parish share  ~ We really need parishes to continue paying Parish Share regularly each month to hold Share at a level each month which will support and help others. We accept that you may need to reduce the amount each month but it is important to maintain a level of share each month. With this in mind, if you would like to make use of the link below, to set up (or amend) a regular form of giving, it would be very helpful to our church.  If you don’t have access to the internet, you can be given a printed copy. The form can then be sent directly to St.Mary’s House in Lichfield (address on form).


Rev Marilyn 07889372275 or 01889 624127 or

Rev Mike on 01543 472761 or

Items for notices for next Sunday to Sue Piper by Wednesday please ~  email (Tel 472314)