Community Action Group Meeting – Sunday 22nd March 2020

Community Action Group Meeting – Sunday 22nd March 2020
23rd March 2020 Joanna Turner

Yoxall Community Response to CoVid19

Meeting 2: Sunday 22nd March 2020 at 5 pm – conference call

Updates and Next Steps

  • Meetings are now via conference call – thank you to Sue for organising.
  • Leaflets have been distributed around the village, all areas have been covered including Newchurch (32 areas in total covering perhaps up to 850 dwellings) – thank you Anna for organising and all for all volunteers who have offered to be named helpers and distribute the leaflets. Some leaflets may yet to be distributed – Anna to now check that all areas have had distribution and Alison and Frankie to assist with this exercise.

Next step; to coordinate local teams.

Concern; are we making journeys we don’t need to make at this point in a quest to help others and therefore mismanaging risk? It was felt we should remind volunteers of the government guidelines.

This concern to be kept under review.

Sue suggested we could choose to follow up our initial offer of help with a personal handwritten note to offer reassurance where you know householders are particularly vulnerable or living alone.

  • Information posters have been produced – thank you Frankie who offered to update these. Warren highlighted that the notice boards can be used (by calling Phil Hughes or John Williams). Telegraph poles could also be used.
  • A Facebook group has been set up – thank you to Caryl and Paul Heron. Warren raised concern of how we reach members of the community who don’t access Facebook and noted there is a new church website that can be used to update the community (particularly those who don’t have Facebook). It was agreed that all updates are to be shared with Phil (for the Parish website), Warren (for the church website) and via Facebook.
  • A donation station/food bank is becoming established – thank you to Claire and the team. There was an enquiry as to the level of need of this with regards to numbers of individuals/families in our community – Sue to communicate with Claire to establish this.
  • A partnership working with the GP practice is establishing – thank you to Frankie and Claire. Phil pointed out that notice to collect repeat prescriptions had increased from 2 days to 4 days. Might the surgery consider their use of the text service to inform patients of such messages? Frankie to communicate with the surgery to see if such messages can be shared.
  • Parish Council funding has been established – thank you to Phil.
  • Food deliveries have been established via Paul Shum and Green Door catering and via Malcom’s. Paul Shum and Green Door expand their range to include a fruit box, a vegetable box, a dairy box and a bakery box – details are currently being confirmed. The Golden Cup is also planning to sell fruit, veg and bread from Thursday 26th March and our local pubs are offering take away food too.

Further Actions

  • Warren to offer support to members of the Dementia Cares community via a phone call.
  • Anna to reach out to university students as to the possibility of them offering phone call support to our most vulnerable and isolated residents. Could they link with Colin who has connections to the older groups of the community (neighbourly natters and the Wednesday coffee gathering).
  • Andrew suggested we review our work so far and post this out in a two-pager newsletter to the community through every door. Frankie to work with others to produce the information sheet. Members to send through any relevant information to Andrew who offered to print the leaflets.
  • Phil reaffirmed that if the Parish Council can support further in supporting our community, they will do.
  • We plan to come back together next Sunday via conference call; Sue to continue to research if there is another system that supersedes what we’re using tonight.

The next meeting agreed to take place on Sunday 29th March, at 5 pm via conference call.